Corporate social responsibility

Supporting with different NGO like Caritas, Avapace, Asindown…

Environment sustainability commitment

We are one of the first suppliers of Organic Nuts and dried Fruits in Spain with more than 15 years certification and experience.

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Who we are?

Levantex is a spanish company located in Valencia 77 years old in 2021. Business subject get 2 different divisions: 1) Petfood manufacturing and 2) supply of nuts and dried Fruits. Sales to 25 different countries. Strategic location close to Valencia port, one of the most imoprtant at the Mediterraneum and largest in Spain which offers Logistics advantages on a global market. Focussed and target customer service and product excelence.

We import from 40 countries around the world, selecting the best farmers and manufacturers at each origin.
We export to 25 countries overseas.
years experienced.
More than 1.000 customers and distributors everywhere, mainly in Spain.
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Contact info: LEVANTEX
Carrer Carraixet, 8, 46132 Almàssera, Valencia

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